Give Your Supervisors Safety Resources 

The training outlines on this page are all free. There are hundreds, but how many does any one company need?

The key to better training is not slick outlines or videos -- better training is a product of better trainers integrating training information and video support into well-designed interactive training outlines.

Trainers can learn to do better than simply reading off of a training outline and this website provides a good place to start.

You should also review Cal-OSHA eTool training recommendations.

And finally, consider using our Training Outline for planning safety training. 

Training and Program Resources

We will be adding training outlines and videos week by week, so check back often.

Cal-OSHA Pocket Guide for Construction

Training Guide for California Construction

Cal-OSHA Publications

Cal-OSHA Etools

Ohio State Training Outlines

Gempler's Training Outlines

Texas Safety Training Outlines

State Fund Safety Meeting Topics

eLCOSH Toolbox Talks

Construction Toolbox Safety Topics

WISHA Construction Safety Topics

OSU Safety Training Materials

Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Note -- If you have an owner's manual for equipment or power tools be sure to include the manufacturer's safety recommendations in the training. 

YouTube Safety Videos (or do your own search)

SCF Arizona Kitchen Safety

Defensive Driving Videos

Ford Safety Driving Tips

Semi Truck Accidents - 10 Tips For Sharing The Road With Truck Drivers

Other Safety Video Sources

Washington OSHA


Safety Research

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